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Reed's Ginger Ale

Real Ginger, Crisp Refreshment, Nothing Artificial.

Virgil's Zero Sugar Sodas

Classic Flavor & Delicious, Guilt-Free Goodness.

Reed's Ginger Beer

Authentic Jamaican Recipe & REAL Ginger In Every Sip.

Virgil's Handcrafted Sodas

Decadent Taste, All-Natural Ingredients.

What Our REAL Customers Have To Say

I am so happy to have found your brand, it is the most refreshing ginger ale I have ever tried. There’s so much ginger packed into a small can, perfect for all occasions!


Just wanted to express what a loyal satisfied happy customer you have acquired in me. I have recommended your product to everyone I talk to!

Ron D.

 I tried my first can today & I am happy to say that Reed’s is now my Ginger Ale!! It is very light, perfect carbonation & the ginger is spot on! Thank you for making such a delicious product!!


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