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(24 12oz cans)

ZERO SUGAR BEVERAGE: The perfect zero sugar, zero-calorie drink made with a proprietary all-natural sweetener blend (erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit). Ketogenic diet certified, and perfect for diabetics or anyone who wants to enjoy refreshing soda without the guilt.

NATURALLY BOLD : Virgil's uses the finest natural ingredients to make its beverages and steers clear of artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, GMO's and high-fructose corn syrup.

HANDCRAFTED PERFECTION: Small batch brewed with a blend of the finest spices, herbs and fruit extracts, providing the bold, classic, rich flavor of traditionally-brewed cola. The result? A cola in a world of its own.

A KETO FLOAT: Enjoy a classic float that is keto friendly! Pour Virgil's Zero Sugar Cola over a keto compliant vanilla ice cream for a cool, refreshing treat for summer BBQs, parties or... anytime.

VIRGIL’S. SODA SMARTER : Great soda doesn’t need fake ingredients. Virgil’s is made by hand with handpicked natural ingredients. We obsess over the recipe and the process. All this makes the rich, complex flavors in our delicious handcrafted sodas.

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    Elaine Hamilton
    Virigil’s Cola

    I do not like the new cans. Understand a lot of companies are going with the taller cans, but our old refrigerators were designed for those cans. Cola is great.

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