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(20 2oz boxes)

A SWEET AND SPICY TREAT: Enjoy a taste of the Pacific Islands. These chewy and sweet candies have been treasured for generations. The perfect blend of warming ginger and sugar sweetness, Reed's Ginger Candy Chews will keep you wanting more!

THREE SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Made from pure, simple and natural ingredients, these chewy ginger candies combine real ginger root, sugar and non-gmo tapioca for a delightfully sweet and spicy treat.

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Easily store your Reed's Ginger Chews. Individually wrapped for optimal freshness.

NO FILLERS OR ADDITIVES: From a trusted brand like Reed's, these Ginger Chews are crafted from unsulfured ginger, and are always non-GMO, gluten free, and made without any preservatives.

FROM AMERICA'S #1 GINGER BEER BRAND: Reed's has been handcrafting small batch ginger beer since 1987, and has applied the same traditional methods that have been used for centuries in the Pacific Islands.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Tom Dorris
    The best ginger chews

    Everyone I share these ginger chews with loves them. Going to use as stocking stuffers this year.

    Loria Stanley

    I've sublimit it for chewing gum, hard candy or cough drops. I tend to eat it mostly at night...for soothing my throat.

    Daniel Keith
    Chews? Do NOT try chewing these. Great taste, terrible texture.

    Though this batch tasted good as usual, the texture was terrible. NOT chews. DO NOT try chewing these, they will pull the fillings out of your teeth. Every candy in every box was too HARD to chew. I had to suck on every one like a hard candy but thankfully they tasted as good as the previous time I ordered them, several years ago. But that first batch several years ago were indeed Chews and chewable. Maybe I'll try Reeds candied ginger root next time? But I won't order these 'chews' again unless Reeds offers a freshness guarantee, because these are NOT fresh. Date on the box was 2019. BTW, I gave a box to my GF, and warned her NOT to chew them, but she did anyway, said she couldn't help it, and ofc, the candy pulled one of her dental crowns off!

    Stacy Burns

    These chews are amazing, so yummy!

    The best ginger chew around

    My first time tasting Reed's ginger chew, I was in a trance. The flavor is perfect, not overpowering. I ended up ordering a box from the company, because it's worth it to me.

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